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Ally Gregory

Chief Operating Officer

Ally provides inspiration and oversight to all things operational. Did we mention she’s a race director, and avid runner, baker, and writer.

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Elaine Young

Chief Creative Officer

Elaine steers the ship when it come to creativity and is an expert marketing consultant. To relax and unwind she spends time with her dog, who we hear is the “greatest pal in the world.”

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Derek New Brick Wall

Derek Shlepr

Graphic Designer / Web Designer

Derek brings creativity, curiosity, and care. He eats grapes while he works and is on his way to becoming an expert marketing consultant.

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Radar Website Photo Radar Designs


Founding Team Member

Radar Designs was inspired by Radar. Radar loves chasing squirrels and running. She has been awarded the prestigious National Best Snuggler Award 4 years running.