ally gregory

Ally Gregory
Chief Operating Officer

Ally provides direction and honest insights to leaders across an array of disciplines. From helping businesses hire quality talent to building sustainable systems and processes, they move businesses toward their goals. Ally’s executive skills, built on past experience in high level administration roles, is why our clients enjoy efficient communication, timely responses, and overall excellent client care.

Beyond working with clients, Ally ensures every project stays on course and all meetings start on time. Her colleagues say,

“Ally inspires confidence, leadership, self-discipline, humor, and a dose of honesty, everyday.”

Ally is a an Excel whiz, an incredible baker (her colleagues agree).  As an avid runner Ally runs on average 60 miles per week. She successfully completed Vol State in 2016, a grueling 314 mile race across Tennessee. Most notably though, Ally is an accomplished author, including two published short stories and the completion of three novels.

When not working, baking, or running Ally can be found curled up on the sofa with a cup of hot tea, reading a book. Ally’s favorite author? Kurt Vonnegut.


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