The right message at the right time seems unattainable. Running a business is complex. If that isn’t enough, add a pandemic to the mix. Whew. It’s a lot to deal with. We’ve helped our clients craft messages that match the tone, speed, and direction of today’s unprecedented situation. At Radar Designs, we start by asking questions about the situation, audience, message, delivery, and style. We perform our due diligence before ever typing that first line. In these trying times, we want to share how we go about developing a winning message.

The Situation

We’ll start by asking questions. This information will aid in drafting a message that matches the climate.

Currently, we are in the midst of a pandemic. This has many concerned for their health and finances, and those of their loved ones. Delivering the right message is a delicate balance. The impact is feelings of loneliness and fears around finances and health, both of self and those we love. The nature of this situation is sensitive. It is complex, and far reaching. Addressing these fears and concerns allows the audience to know that we care.

The Audience

Let’s apply our findings of the situation to our audience. Ask, “How has the situation challenged our audience’s relationship to us or their perspective on our products or services?” All information we’ve collected will help us adapt. This ensures our response to one that is exact and appropriate in tone, delivery, and style.

Delivering the Right Message

At this stage, we should know our delivery method. The length of our message depends on it! Utilize that knowledge you’ve acquired to decide the best medium to get in front of your clients. Today, the spread of COVID-19 has narrowed the delivery options. This has driven our audiences toward web based technologies.

The Style

If you are designing something or having something designed, the colors, fonts, and layout should coincide with what we know about the situation and audience. It the situation is somber, soft colors pair well. If the tone is celebratory, bright colors are match the occasion.

The Right Message

Leading with empathy and a clear picture of the situation, audience, and style. Now it’s time to make an outline. We’ll keep a copy of our mission, vision, and values nearby. This ensures what we write is congruent with who we are.

Better as we go.

Writing a winning message that fits the situation and audience can be difficult. After writing the first draft, let’s hone it. Perhaps we should review it with stakeholders? Either way, let’s get feedback and apply it. After writing and re-writing, we have a good deliverable message to send to our audience.

What we love about this process is the immediate increased connectedness. It bonds us with our audience. The strengthening of this relationship allows us to work more intuitively, faster, and confidently in the future.

That’s it. Let’s get to crafting that perfect message!

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